How to use:

Multiple verifications, daily blistering facial cleanser 1-2 grams or so, drip 4-6 drops of water, press the mode button for about 5-6 seconds to automatically bubble.


The automatic foaming cleansing instrument can automatically produce rich and dense foam and remove grime from pores with ease.


Cleansing is recommended 1-2 times a week. If there is wound or suppurative acne, please stop using this product to avoid worsening wounds & infection.

Stay at home mom

I spent days reading over reviews for this and the newest version and decided to go with this one. Definitely not disappointed, it does get your skin noticably cleaner and softer, and I haven't had to charge it once since the initial setup.

Financial Advisor

If looking for something affordable and this is it! It cleans my skin and takes off all my makeup with a fraction of the face wash I would use with my hands. its environmentally friendly which is what i was looking for as well. I leave it to charge over night and don't have to worry about charging it for a few days. Totally recommend for the price you cannot go wrong!